Dwyane Wade Laughs Off Offset’s Song Request

Offset wants to make a song with Dwyane Wade but, judging on the basketball legend’s response, we’re not sure if he’s down.

Dwyane Wade has a lot of extra time on his hands these days, enjoying his post-basketball career by dabbling into the world of music. Wade was , another Miami legend, but it’s not looking likely for the hooper to make a full-time transition to the mic. 

Basketball and rap have , with stars like Shaq, Kobe Bryant, Lonzo Ball, Damian Lillard, and others all making cases for themselves as straight-up rappers. Perhaps Lillard, known professionally as Dame D.O.L.L.A, has had the best career outside of sports, but that doesn’t mean that his peers can’t give rhyming a try either.

Dwyane Wade Laughs Off Offset's Song Request
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

With the current coronavirus pandemic disallowing us from leaving the house, Dwyane Wade has ample time to write some bars for future rap records. rapper was speaking at a recent conference (before social distancing became a thing) and he noted that he would be stoked to get in the studio with the star. However, Wade’s response doesn’t exactly echo that sentiment.

“I can’t wait to do it,” said Set about collaborating with a basketball player like Dwyane Wade on a song. “Let’s get in there Wade! I can’t wait to have that be part of my career. I got a song with DWade?”

Commenting on the video, which was re-posted by media outlet SOHH, Wade dropped some laughter emojis, which could mean that he’s not taking the invitation too seriously. Would you want to hear this collaboration?

Dwyane Wade Laughs Off Offset's Song Request

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