E-40 Is Being Sued by 'Captain Save a H*e' Author for Copyright Infringement

It’s no secret that people like to snatch E-40’s words. The ever-inventive Bay Area legend is constantly coming up with new phrases and peppering them throughout his raps in a flow that sounds like thick soup bubbling.

It’s no wonder that people who are wowed by his performances are willing to jack his language. It definitely doesn’t help that he’s from “the soil where them rappers be getting their lingo from.” So it was only a matter time before E-40 made the constant biting a legal matter. He’s suing author Erika Kane over the title her book Captain Save A Hoe because it’s famously the name one 40 Water’s biggest hits. 40 claimed he owed the rights to the phrase in a lawsuit filed in November. Now, Kane is countersuing E-40, saying that 40 has no right to sue and that his meddling ruined several business opportunities.

The Jasmine Brand reports that Kane “denies all allegations copyright infringement and demands his lawsuit against her be thrown out.”

The gossip website adds that Kane is “counter]suing E-40] for intentional business interference, saying the cease and desist letters he fired f to Amazon and other outlets caused her book to be pulled for sale.”