Ear To The Ground – Feux [Video]

Back with a revamped aesthetic, the Lockoff founded ‘Ear To The Ground’ series reaches grandiose heights, bolstered by an irresistible performance from Feux. 

The acclaimed and striking series has demanded the attention of the UK underground ever since they arrived on the scene with finesse and confidence, recruiting the likes of Arz and Finn Foxell for episodic features. Each featured artist delivers an exclusive performance of an original track, with the high quality backdrop of astute videography and mesmeric mise-en-scène. 

Feux is a rapper who appears to uphold unlimited charisma; whether on his diverse and retrospective 2020 album ‘PURE NINE’, or on his recent bilingually brilliant single ‘CLOUD NINE’, this guy is just seamlessly cool. His effortless charm is only accentuated by this slick, assured live performance. Feux treats us to a rendition of the smooth and retrospective track ‘Vision’, lifted straight from his upcoming EP.

Everything about this new look Ear To The Ground is an improvement – and a statement of intent. The stunning new location, the deft visual palette and the sophisticated direction all make a significant impression. This is not to say that the previous episodes weren’t compelling and creative, but the boys at Lockoff have taken a winning concept and augmented it. For me, that’s the sign of visionary talent. 

This new offering is further proof that Ear To The Ground is one of the most exciting, ambitious performance series in the UK. There is big things to come from Lockoff. Take notice. 

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