EarthGang & J.I.D. Dropping "Spillage Village" Album Soon

EarthGang, J.I.D, 6LACK, Mereba, Hollywood JB, and JordanxBryant — aka Spillage Village — are doing their part to cure the quarantine blues.

Though humanity’s battle against Coronavirus has ultimately led to a state of mass self-isolation and quarantine, , J.I.D, 6LACK, Hollywood JB, JordanxBryant, and Mereba of Spillage Village have decided to stack the deck in our favor. True, the entire music industry currently rests in an uncertain state; the idea of artists holed up in a studio, using the same microphone one after another hits a little different these days. Yet art must prevail, and the Atlanta Collective has officially announced their new album SPILLIGON is on the way.

EarthGang & J.I.D. Dropping "Spillage Village" Album Soon

Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

EarthGang took to both and Twitter to make the announcement, taking a moment to share a heartfelt message on the former platform. “The quarantine has made it happen,” writes EarthGang, putting a positive spin on an otherwise negative situation. “New album coming from the village, are y’all ready for it. Let’s make it happen. Let’s build a stronger community during this time.”

Olu & Wowgr8 doubled up by sharing an unreleased track, presumably off the album, which features JID, Mereba, EarthGang, JB, and Jordan Bryant. It’s unclear whether it was whipped up in recent times, but the subject matter certainly suggests as much. “It’s the end of days, end of times, my oh my,” sings Venus, previewed in what looks to be a J.I.D Instagram Live stream. As of yet, none of the participating parties have yet to unveil further release date information. Considering EarthGang’s tone, however, it wouldn’t be surprising to see SPILLIGION surface sooner than later. Major thanks to the Village for this one! 

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