Eduard Luli Makes A Solid Move In The Game And Drops Love & Fear [EP]

Eduard Luli
is releasing a new EP, Love & Fear, making a  solid move in the game and once again displaying his unique skills as an artist capable of seamlessly blending melodic rap with R&B, all together forming his own kind of heartbreak rap. 

The sultry melodies and stylish lyrics come together in a perfect fit on this collection of 9 songs. Previously, Eduard Luli has released a major single, Numb with an equally powerful music video, in a song that tackled his feelings of numbness at a time when his relationship was on the edge of coming to an end. Some tracks from Love & Fear feature collaborations with other artists, including ZPluto and Atkin$.

Born April 21st, 2003, Eduard Luli comes from a family originally from Albania who migrated to Australia in the 90s. Before getting into rap, Luli was first about to hop on the diss track wave and become a youtuber as a little kid being influenced by the big LA YouTubers, before finally opting for a career in music. 

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