Elon Musk’s Anti-Semitic Tweets Leads To Another Advertising Exodus

The promotion of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories by Elon Musk has led another slew of prominent companies to pull their advertising from the site. Apple, Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, and IBM have all ceased their advertising campaigns on the site. This cam after Musk openly embraced an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory as “the actual truth”. Oracle, Paramount, and Xfinity have also reported the suspension of their advertising. It’s likely that more companies will following the coming days as Musk appears to double down on his statements.

Earlier this week, Musk was seen replying “the actual truth” to a post promoting an anti-semitic conspiracy. The conspiracy in question that Jewish communities are “supporting hordes of minorities” that are “flooding” into Western nations to replace white people. The conspiracy theory is a version of the Great Replacement Theory. The notion is used by white supremacists to justify their opposition to multiculturalism and immigration. Furthermore, advertisers have told multiple outlets that they do not wish to see their products advertised alongside Neo-Nazi content that Musk now appears to be actively promoting.

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Musk Single-Handedly Derails X’s Rebuilding Efforts

Earlier this year, Musk hired respected industry veteran Linda Yaccarino as X’s new CEO. Yaccarino’s role was to entice users and brands back to the site as advertising revenue plummeted and Musk’s premium subscription by failed to make up for the resulting deficit. However, Musk has seemingly thwarted Yaccarino at every turn. This has made it very clear that she is essentially nothing more than a public figure while he continues to run the site. After stepping down as CEO, Musk gave himself the new role of “Chief Technology Officer”.

Musk has attempted to hit back at the criticism, calling non-profit watchdog Media Matter For America an “evil organization”. Furthermore, Yaccarino released a statement saying that X was firmly committed to combatting anti-Semitism. However, the opposite appeared to be increasingly true. Various investigations have uncovered that thanks to X’s ad-revenue scheme, the company is paying out thousands of dollars a month to neo-nazis and Holocaust deniers. This remains a developing story.

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