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Eminem Dissed By Tee Grizzley On His New Album "Scriptures"

Eminem is bound to respond to the song.

is a legend in and outside of his city. Detroit’s rap scene would not be as highly-regarded as it is without Slim Shady’s contributions. If you take a survey of the new school rappers from the D though, the majority of them either don’t listen to Em, don’t share his experiences, or flat out don’t like the rapper. A few weeks ago,  list. Instead, he added , , Tee Grizzley and others to the count. As for Tee Grizzley, he didn’t necessarily put together a whole chart of who’s the best in his city but .

Eminem Dissed By Tee Grizzley On His New Album "Scriptures"
Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

On his new song “No Talking,” Tee Grizzley takes aim at Eminem during his fast-paced rhyming session. Speaking on the landscape of Detroit rap, Grizz says, “I run Detroit, n***as talkin’ ’bout Eminem/Talking that shit, I kill you, him, and him/I made a M, then I made a M again, slow down/Check that score n***a, blow out.”

Of course, Tee doesn’t go into detail about why he’s singling out Em but considering his name always gets brought up in Detroit rap conversations, it might be time for someone like Tee Grizzley to take on the torch.

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