Eminem Is Your Embarrassing Uncle While Learning To Make An Instagram Story

Days after taking over his own Twitter account, Eminem is finally getting used to life in 2018 as he is learning every element of social media. As his team has handled marketing duties on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for years, Em looks to have never gotten much of a chance to adapt to the mediums as he is now being taught how to film an Instagram story on his phone. Like a deer caught in the headlights, Eminem stares into his device as somebody shows him how to start an Instagram story.

“Yeah, so check this out,” Shady begins as he walks through the studio, “I, uh, my name is Eminem and one of the greatest albums coming out this year is a new artist. He goes by the name of Boogie.” Marshall introduced the Compton rapper, who is signed to Shady Records, as he prepares his upcoming album. Throughout the ordeal, Em seems confused, dazed and, especially when Boogie pops in with ad-libs, the Detroit legend is unsure how to continue. As he asks if the footage is still filming when it indeed was, Em adds that Boogie is “really good” after he said the only reason he liked him was because the California rapper was signed to his label.

While somewhat awkward and cringe-inducing, Em is getting the hang of things quickly as he looks to catch up to the younger generations who utilizes social media for business and pleasure. While he figures out his Instagram, Marshall also shared that he was in the studio with Dr. Dre, which is entirely promising for those wishing for more classics from the two.

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