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Eminem Unveils New Line Of "Detroit Vs Everybody" Merch

Shady Vs. Everybody.

‘s legacy extends beyond music. Aside from boasting a legendary career, Em has quietly done his part in guiding his community’s youth. You may recall his role in The Verses project. In case you need a refresher, the Verses project began after a collaboration between The Marshall Mathers Foundation and Carhartt. According to Vaughn Watson, Assistant Professor and Dept of Teacher Education at Michigan University, “the Verses Project is a songwriting project that looks at the interplay of literacy and music in the literate lives of students.” Should you be interested in learning more about the cause, check out this video below. 

Now, Em has launched a new line of Detroit Vs. Everybody merch in honor of the Verses project, the designs of which can be seen on Instagram. “We linked back up with @detroitvseverybodyllc / @tommeywalker on a Limited Edition capsule for the Marshall Mathers Foundation in support of the Verses Project,” writes Em, in the original announcement caption. The designs themselves continue the “Vs. Everybody” theme, though this time Shady has opted to stand alone.

Check out the new capsule below, and should you be so inclined, you can cop and support at Em’s official store right here. 

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