Eminem’s Mother Shares Tribute to Son After Rock Hall Induction

Debbie Mathers and Eminem

Eminem’s Mother Shares Tribute to Son After Rock Hall Induction

  /  11.07.2022

Eminem’s mother is proud of her son.

On Saturday, the Detroit rapper was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside legends including Dolly Parton, Judas Priest, Lionel Richie, and Duran Duran. He was honored by Dr. Dre and was joined on stage by Ed Sheeran and Steven Tyler during the induction ceremony at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

His mother Debbie Nelson Mathers was not in attendance, but she shared a touching tribute to her son in recognition of the career-defining moment.

In the video, Mathers was seen wearing a Shady Records T-shirt while congratulating Marshall. The rare appearance was shot and released by a woman named Christina, who described herself as a “longtime friend to Marshall Mathers’ mother Debbie.”

“Marshall, I want to say, I could not let this day go by without congratulating you on your induction into the Hall of Fame,” said a proud Debbie. “I love you very much. I knew you’d get there. It’s been a long ride. I’m very, very proud of you.”

She also acknowledged her granddaughter, Hailie Jade, who attended her father’s induction ceremony. “And also I’m very proud of Hailie Jade, my big girl,” she continued. “I want to tell you Hailie, great job on your podcast and God bless you guys. I love you very much.”

Eminem and his mother have been estranged for years following drugs and alcohol abuse accusations. He often rapped about their strained relationship on songs including his hit single “My Name Is.” In 1999, Debbie filed a $11 million defamation lawsuit against her son and addressed him in her 2008 memoir, My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem. Em released his 2013 song “Headlights” in which he apologized for criticizing Debbie. The status of their relationship remains unclear.

Eminem did not acknowledge his mother during his speech, but he did thank a very long list of rappers who inspired him including Tupac, Biggie, LL Cool J, Outkast, Queen Latifah, Rakim, and more.

“Those were my rock stars man, and I just want to say, like, those are just a few of the names that I hope will be considered in the future for induction,” he said. “Because without them, a lot of us wouldn’t be here. I know I wouldn’t.”