Eslabon Armado Highlights 9 Essential Tracks From New Album ‘Vibras de Noche’

Eslabon Armado is not letting the global pandemic affect their successful streak. To that point, the Mexican teenage trio has unveiled their new album Vibras de Noche (Night Vibes).

Over the 14 tracks on their sophomore set, Pedro Tovar (vocals), Gabriel Hidalgo (background vocals and harmony), and Brian Tovar (bass and bajoloche) once again spotlight their enchanting corridos and romantic lyrics, all of which were penned by lead singer, Pedro.

Presented by DEL Records, Vibras de Noche comes just five months after their debut set Tu Veneno Mortal, which arrived at No. 9 on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart dated May 16 and at No. 2 on the Regional Mexican Albums chart.

With their sophomore album already available on all platforms, Eslabon Armado, which means “a united chain,” also released the official music video for focus track “Dame Tu Calor.”

Below, all three members share their essential picks from Vibras de Noche.

“Dame Tu Calor” (Give Me Your heat)

“This is a song that’s perfect to dedicate to [someone], or even for those who are going through a heartbreak. People of all ages can enjoy this song.” — Pedro Tovar

“Ganas Que Te Tengo” (I Desire You)

“’Ganas que te tengo’ is about a guy who’s trying to conquer a girl. He sings this song to her to try to make her fall in love with him.” — Brian Tovar

“Donde Has Estado” (Where Have You Been)

“This song is about a woman who separates from her guy and from his point of view, he’s expressing everything he feels.” — P.T.

“Sube Al Carro” (Get on the Car)

“Imagine you are expressing your deepest love for her while you sit on top of a car and watch the horizon together.” — B.T.

“Tu Eres” (You Are)

“’Tu Eres’ is a bolero-inspired song, which has lots of feelings and reflections from the 1960s.” — B.T.

“Te Quiero A Ti” (I want you)

“This song is very romantic. ‘Te Quiero A Ti’ is for a man’s special lady, whom he loves, wants to sing for, and always make happy.” — Gabriel Hidalgo

“Atrapado” (Trapped)

“‘Atrapado’ is about a person who’s experiencing something phenomenal and is trying to forget their problems from the past.”  — G.H.

“24 Horas” (24 Hours)

“This is also another heartbreak song on the album, in which the person is sharing his hurt feelings.” — P.T.

“Amor” (Love)

“’Amor’ is about a man who falls in love with a woman and he wants to give her the entire world because she’s beautiful in his eyes.” — G.H.