Even Dua Lipa Couldn’t Resist Breaking Down The Drake And Kendrick Lamar Feud During An ‘SNL’ Sketch

Dua Lipa‘s third album Radical Optimism is finally here. But while this weekend is huge for her, she — like most of us — can’t help but get invested in Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s ongoing beef.

In a Saturday Night Live sketch, Lipa plays a culture reporter on a fictional talk show hosted by Mikey Day and Heidi Gardner. Though the hosts are clueless about the beef, Lipa helps by offering some informational tidbits.

“One clue on the song ‘Euphoria,’ when Kendrick describes Drake as Canadian, that’s because Drake is from Toronto,” said Lipa.

While this piece of information is rather obvious, Lipa continued, explaining one of the names Lamar calls Drake on the song.

“And he calls Drake ‘Crodie,’ which is a term used by the Crips,” said Lipa, “which according to Wikipedia is an alliance of street gangs based in Southern California.”

Lipa also touched on one of Drake’s diss records, “Taylor Made Freestyle,” on which, he used artificial intelligence to emulate Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur’s rap stylings. This particular song wasn’t well-received, and could potentially end Drake up in legal trouble.

“Drake is being sued by Tupac’s estate for using an AI version of his voice,” said Lipa.

Day and Gardner continue the sketch, imitating Drake and Lamar — but as one can imagine, it doesn’t end well.

You can see the sketch above.