Everything Is Temporary


Rapper Renelle 893 takes a long, reflective look at himself in the mirror on this atmospheric, creative and sonically profound EP, produced by up and coming artist/producer London based Beau Peep. The production from Peep is claustrophobic and bustling, and there is a visceral quality to the tape; it almost feels like you are in the same room as the artist. The songs are short, sharp and full of intent, showcasing the wide and eclectic range of samples and sounds in Beau Peep’s library. Renelle exhibits his skill and versatility; as comfortable on a lo-fi or old school instrumental as he is on more modern hip hop beat. He offers a powerful, tenacious tone and absorbing, calculated and astute verses. 

The tape opener ‘Foggy Forecast’ (produced by Emerald) begins with an eerie, atmospheric keys sample and features some smooth vocal production. ‘Swim Out’, the follower is an early gem, as Renelle shows his musical intent with strong flows and performance, while Peep’s production hits the spot with a striking sample and excellent drum kit. ‘Renelle and Jarod’ is an esoteric and explosive experience – the synth sample throughout the verses is hazy and absorbing, and Renelle brings out some of his strongest bars of the tape, perceptively philosophical in regards to mental health and ethics. The next two tracks introduce the feature of Ramzey, ‘Take 5 mil’ and ‘Day Drink’, on which both artists show off their technical ability, as well as displaying great chemistry with laidback delivery and snappy lyricism. ‘Something Psychological’ is an enclosed, crowded piece of work that features an interesting offbeat sample and intense luscious vocals. Renelle saves maybe his best verses till last on ‘Jollof Rice’ (produced by Changing Currents), really pulling the punches on a beautiful old school sample instrumental. 

This is an impressive and compelling project. Renelle shows himself to be a thoughtful, charismatic and intelligent artist, while Beau Peep’s production is distinctive, absorbing and technically superlative. With exciting projects in the works from both artists, including a Beau Peep collaboration project released on Press Gang Records featuring Looms and Verbz amongst others, this is exciting times for Renelle 893 and Beau Peep. Hopefully, this tape gets the recognition it deserves. 

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