Ex-cop who lethally shot Rayshard Brooks conceded $500,000 bond

Ex-cop-who-fatally-shot-Rayshard-Brooks-granted-500000-bond Ex-cop who lethally shot Rayshard Brooks conceded $500,000 bond


Garrett Rolfe’s lawyers state he’s not a flight chance. 


On Tuesday (June 30), a bond hearing was held for previous official Garrett Rolfe under the steady gaze of Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jane Barwick. The ex-cop is right now dealing with 11 indictments, including crime murder, for his inclusion in the deadly June 12 shooting of Rayshard Brooks. 


As indicated by WSBTV, Judge Barwick gave a $500,000 conditional bond to Rolfe, with specific conditions. He needs to wear a lower ankle monitor, give up his identification, can’t convey or have any guns, can’t have any contact with any of Brooks’ family or any observers, can’t have any contact with other Atlanta cops and follow a 6 am to 6 pm time-sensitive curfew, with exemptions for work, lawful or medical consideration.


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