Exceptional Singer LoveAugust releases his brand-new track called “Sephora”

Lyrical genius LoveAugust drops his latest single, titled “Sephora,” a soft rap song about his relationships and perseverance as an artist. 

The melodic song has a subliminal emotional vibe that is intensified by the artist’s thought provoking lyrics. Impressive and catchy chorus, the artist makes sure to keep a high standard in every single aspect of his music. His signature beat gives a soothing effect which the rapper relishes on. 

The 19-year old sensation is never interested in making music for the sake of making good music, he’s interested in creating a profound piece of art. As a natural storyteller, LoveAugust relies on his storytelling abilities in his music to convey the emotions he’s feeling through his strong lyrics and joyful melodies.

After being admired by established musician SoFaygo, the pair discussed the artist’s original talents, he encouraged the Melbourne-based musician to pursue being a professional musician. Now, LoveAgust is productively making music and realizing his potential as a prominent artist. 

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