EXCLSV PREMIERE: Distorted Noise Drops Shocking Visuals For New Joint “Falling Away”

London based Hip-Hop artist Distorted Noise is releasing a shocking music video for his newly dropped joint titled “Falling Away.” Distorted Noise has concocted a powerfully impactful visual piece to represent on screen the struggle with depression and anxiety he addresses in the track. Marking his departure from hard rock music and arrival to Hip-Hop, “Falling Away” is a timeless song in which Distorted Noise has decided to reveal his experiences struggling with depression, hoping it could be helpful for those with similar issues who feel alone, isolated, and close to completely breaking down. 

Capturing Distorted Noise’s face, with blood dripping from his eyes and body, we couldn’t have imagined a better music video to portray his pain, and reflect his inner journey battling with his inner demons, and state of depression. Dark and destructive, “Falling Away” is the kind of music video that viewers won’t forget, as it engraves our memories thanks to the artist’s brutal honesty and frontal deliveries. Distorted Noise self-produces all of his music videos, woven together with glitches, camera shakes, and blood. The way he raps also brings the adequate atmosphere to the overall song, with his low, raspy, and soft-spoken vocals that enter our souls instantly at first listen. 

Hip-Hop, alternative rock, and electro-inspired textures are all blended with a highly developed taste, and after seeing what this young artist is capable of making in terms of music, we can’t wait for him to release a new track. 

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