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Ezekiel Elliott’s Huge Contract Extension Elicits Strong Fan Reaction

Elliott and Cowboys fans are eating.

Much to the delight of Ezekiel Elliott and his camp, the pro-bowl running back was  that will keep him locked in with the team until 2026. It’s the richest contract a running back has ever received and he also scooped up $50 million in guaranteed money. With Elliott locked up for the future, there is no denying the Dallas Cowboys are in a better position to win then before and fans are mostly excited about the news.

Other fans aren’t so sure about the deal as they feel like it might ruin the franchise’s financial outlook moving forward. Whichever side of the equation you’re on, you have to admit that Cowboys did a good job getting this done before Elliott had to miss any games due to a holdout. We’ve seen players like Le’Veon Bell miss entire seasons due to a holdout so for Elliott to get locked up prior to the season, shows tremendous resolve amongst the Cowboys front office.

Elliott took to Twitter to celebrate the deal and fans were quick to congratulate, disparage, and even make memes about him. Some of the reactions are pretty great and you can see the best ones below.

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