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F.ACE Deploys Outstanding Skills In New Track “Where I’m From”

Hailing from the Northwest of London, F.ACE is an independent Hip-Hop/rap artist reigniting the sound of rap music in the city. His latest release, “Where I’m From” surpasses all expectations in terms of quality, vibes, and raw power delivered. HIs authenticity is unquestionable and his talent as raw as the most precious diamond out there. 

Amidst the widespread use of other genres like Afro-beats and Drill all across the UK, there has been a gap marooned in the music scene for lyricists that are authentic and refreshing. Rapper F.ACE comes in to fill the gap standing with his adept flow that is quite unmatched. His versatile and genius wordplay positioned him as an artist worthy to add to your radar.

Focused on creating music that is mind-driven, displays his lyricism and amazing flow, F.ACE is a gateway to the breed of rising Hip-Hop artists in the UK. His rhythm and timing are spot on with a passion that outclasses many other rappers. 

“Where I’m From” is an audio-biographical track that shares the fast-rising rapper’s life experiences, lessons learned and views through a dominating presence and an unshakable determination. His addictive flow will certainly get millions following him, so make sure to stream “Where I’m From” before everyone else!

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