F.ACE Revives UK’s Hip Hop Scene With “ 2 2 Shots”

London-based rapper, F.ACE, creates buzz with his latest Hip Hop track “2 2 Shots.” The independent artist reignites the genre thanks to his authenticity and fresh new approach. 

With recently released tracks like “For The Money,” “Where I’m From,” and “ 2 2 Shots,” F.ACE demonstrates his versatility, lyricism, and talent for creating beats that bring back old school Hip Hop feels.

F.ACE sets an example to all the newcomer Hip-Hop artists to continue pursuing their passion. The UK rapper’s perseverance, determination, and undeniable rhythmic skills help him outshine many of his peers.

Further establishing himself as one of Hip Hop’s new promising faces, the multi-skilled songwriter has already made his mark, garnering views and streams on major different platforms, including YouTube. With loved tracks like “2 2 Shots,” F.ACE has become one of the fastest growing Hip Hop artists of his generation.

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Listen to “2 2 Shots” here: