Famous Dex Cries Tears Of Happiness With Rich The Kid Following Album Release

The Rich Forever team is currently is currently bossing up in a major way. The last two weeks have seen two major album releases from Rich The Kid and Famous Dex. With RTK’s The World Is Yours dropping last week and Famous Dex’s Dex Meets Dexter arriving today, it seems as though the collective can do no wrong. Or, dare I say, the world is theirs. 

Dex has stated in the past that the comparisons people make between him and Rich are unfounded as his Rich Forever boss has been in the game for a longer amount of time. Coming up under RTK, Dex has him to thank for much of his success and he showed a humble side of himself on Instagram, crying while thinking of everything Rich has helped him accomplish. Wiping away a tear, Dexter emotionally gestured towards RTK and said, “Everything this dude’s did for me, words can’t explain.” The two exclaimed “Album’s out now” as Rich gifted his homie a new chain to celebrate the occasion. After getting his iconic ‘Dexter’ chain snatched earlier this year, the gift is sure to be well-received.

Dexter told the camera, with a big smile on his face, “Rich Forever will never go nowhere,” before insisting that the public will want to be on the lookout for Rich Forever 4. With a growing roster of talent and a catalog that is becoming more impressive by the day, Famous Dex and Rich The Kid absolutely know what they’re doing.

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