Famous Dex Spends $10,000 A Month On Marijuana; Says It's Not Worth It

The Dex Meets Dexter rapper has taken a minute to sit down and talk about his favourite herbal remedy with DJ Smallz and takes us back to the first time he ever smoked up. Famous Dex, who admits that he’s high as he getting interviewed, says he was 13 the first time he smoked weed. He took a hiatus after he got in trouble and picked it back up when he was 17. 

“It was curiosity …] I wanted to smoke, I wanted to see what it was,” the “Japan” rapper said when asked why he started in the first place. “Actually you know what it was, I was with my cousin. It was peer pressure…I wanted to do it because they was doing it.”

As for his spending habits, Dex straight up admits that he spends $10,000 a month. DJ Smallz eventually asks him if it’s “worth it” to spend that much money on the green and Dex says it’s not. “I got kids. Even though I’m taking care of my kids good – but at the same time it’s not worth it because that money can go towards a house, it go towards the bills, I can invest in that money.”

Watch his full explanation below.

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