Fan Gets Knocked Off Stage During Gucci Mane Performance

According to Gucci Mane, “Somebody Tried to Sack The QuarterBack last nite.”

While performing at Tuskegee University in Alabama, one over zealous fan hopped on stage in attempts to get close to Guwop. But… His efforts led to him being manhandled off stage in front of everyone. Gucci’s team wasted no time.

Fullback on the Attack

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“Shout out my road manager aka Fullback,” Gucci partly captioned a video of the incident. Within the first few seconds of the clip, viewers can see someone on stage spot and point out the unidentified male before the “I Get the Bag” rapper’s manager Snake tackles him. A security guard quickly comes in to assist, hustling the male to the back.

Gucci laughed off the situation with a few laughing emojis, as did his fans in the comments section.

“Lowered that shoulder on ol boy,” commented a fan. “Gotta be a little more quicker than that,” wrote another.

“Aint nobody gonna give homie that pointed it out no credit? Lol dude was sleep at the wheel til dude in the white shirt got his attention! Lol,” an Instagram user said. Another added, “Shout out home by in the white shirt that saw him coming from a mile away,and pointed him out to the road manager… He the real MVP.”

Hopefully this video deters anyone else who would try to join Gucci onstage. The rapper is scheduled to hit New Jersey, Illinois, California, Texas, North Carolina, Michigan and more. He won’t stop moving until September of this year, ending his tour in Atlanta.


Fan Gets Knocked Off Stage During Gucci Mane Performance

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Gucci was recently in headlines after T.I. publically shaded him for insinuating that he invented trap music. Posting a Flash Back Friday photo, the Icy rapper not only stated that he invented the popular sub-genre but that he did it a while ago.

According to Tip, he is the true innovator of trap music. He pulled out his receipts for the slow ones in the back on Instagram about two days after Guccis post.

Along with a screenshot of the Wikipedia page on his 2003 release which is actually named Trap Muzik T.I. wrote, August 19th,2003 Birth of Trap Muzik. Only fools dispute facts!!! FOH wit that Christopher Columbus a** Look what I discovered,even though they was already here a** s**t!!!! he continued. WITCHO GOOD CAPPIN A**.

The Atlanta rapper didnt mention Gucci, but viewers got the point.

Big facts Gucci tripping on this one he use to be rapping bout jewelry and doing drugs not hustling, an Instagram user wrote. There was always drug dealing musicbut this was the official birth of Trap Muzik !!!! added another.

One point out, Lot of arguing going onbut rapping bout drugs n trap music is to different thingsTrap was a sound a way of life put to smooth out/Gangsta Beats.Tip made it a Movement Of Melodic Storytelling.

Trap Muzik

Fan Gets Knocked Off Stage During Gucci Mane Performance

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T.I. acknowledged the growth of the sub-genre since his Trap Muzik during an interview with HipHopDX late last year, but even then, he didnt want his claims as trap musics originator to be hearsay like Im speculating or proclaiming this personally.

After using his 2003 LP as proof that he invented it, the rapper said it has grown from the contributions of others who have taken it far beyond where I left it or where I could have taken it.

It has expanded so much, so wide, and so broad that at this point you just have to sit back and watch and just be proud, he continued. As long as its people who come from that walk of life who could look to the charts and feel like there are hit records out there right now that represent them and their lifestyle, and talk about how they live every day, I feel like trap music is very much alive.

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