Fan Slaps Stunna Girl’s Butt and a Wild Brawl Breaks Out

In an unthinkable move, a fan slapped Stunna Girl‘s butt, which led to a wild brawl at her show.

Fan Slaps Stunna Girl’s Butt, Wild Brawl Ensues

On Sunday (April 28), a fan-captured video popped up on X, formerly Twitter, featuring Stunna Girl performing a show in Syracuse, N.Y., on Saturday (April 27). In the clip, which can be viewed below, the 25-year-old rapper is rocking the mic when, suddenly, a fan in the front row slapped her butt. 

Stunna quickly turned around and eyed the culprit who violated her while she was performing. In the next segment, a man identified as her husband, RichMula500, jumped off the stage and confronted the man who allegedly touched his wife. The two men briefly exchanged words before chaos erupted in the audience.

Before RichMula could defend his wife’s honor, another man, presumably Stunna’s bodyguard, grabbed the alleged violator by the neck with both hands and violently threw him to the ground. That’s when both men started punching on the guy while he was in the fetal position.

Shockingly, Stunna Girl joined the fight and hit the man on the head with her microphone before stomping on him with her high heels.

The brawl ended with the bodyguard picking up the man and throwing him on a row of chairs. After being beaten viciously, the battered man celebrated by flexing his muscles to the stunned crowd.

There’s no word if the alleged violator suffered any serious injuries from the altercation.

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Who Is Stunna Girl?

Stunna Girl is a rapper based out of Sacramento, Calif. She started rapping at the age of 12 but didn’t start pursuing a rap career until she was a young adult. At the age of 19, after serving three years in youth jail for robbery and assault charges, Stunna decided to focus on her music and never looked back.

In 2019, Stunna Girl garnered a viral TikTok hit with “Runway,” which also kicked off the Runaway Challenge on the platform. Record labels took notice and she eventually inked a deal with Epic Records. That same year, she dropped her mixtape Ykwtfgo and in 2021, Stunna delivered her major-label debut, Stunna This, Stunna That.

Stunna Girl’s latest single is “Courtesy of a Rich N***a.” Her accompanying music video can be viewed below.

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Check out the chaotic brawl that erupted after a fan slapped Stunna Girl’s butt below.

Watch Fan Slaps Stunna Girl’s Butt, Wild Brawl Ensues

Watch Stunna Girl’s Video for “Courtesy of a Rich N***a.”

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