Fans Hilariously React To Usher’s “Glitching” Dance Move

Usher, the R&B legend known for his smooth moves, recently set social media ablaze with a dance moment that had fans scratching their heads in both confusion and amusement. The entertainer, caught in the act of grooving to his timeless hit “U Got It Bad,” showcased a dance move that left many fans dubbing it the “glitching” dance. As the video circulated on various platforms, fans couldn’t help but chime in with hilarious reactions. One keen observer humorously cautioned, “Don’t let Omarion see this,” perhaps hinting at the high bar set by the B2K frontman in the realm of iconic dance moves.

Another fan playfully likened Usher’s unique dance move to the age-old act of spraying raid on a roach. They compared the glitch-like motion to a pest trying to evade its death. The comment section erupted with laughing emojis as users shared the sentiment, turning Usher’s dance into an unexpected meme-worthy moment. “When you spray raid on a roach,” one person commented. “Wtf is GLITCHES? it’s called “Tickin,” another user clarified.

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Usher Dances To “U Got It Bad”

Amidst the comedic critique, some fans cleverly related Usher’s dance move to the delicate art of dodging emotions. “Me tryna dodge catching feelings,” one fan quipped. Interestingly, there was a generational divide in the comments, with some younger fans expressing amusement at the glitchy dance move. A seasoned Usher enthusiast pointed out, “It’s the young people in the comments not realizing this was THE move from the video lmao. Like if you don’t hit this when it comes on, you’re trash.”

The comment not only showcased the impact of Usher’s classic moves but also highlighted the generational appreciation gap in recognizing a dance move that has stood the test of time. In the world of Usher fandom, it his dance move will stand the test of time. And fans are reveling in the hilarity that comes with the unexpected evolution of dance moves in the digital age.

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