Fans Of Donald Glover Shared The Supposed Tracklist For ‘Atavista,’ His Final Album As Childish Gambino

When you think of Donald Glover, music might be the last time to come to mind. However, the Mr. And Mrs. Smith actor hasn’t abandoned that creative lane just yet.

Fans of his work as Childish Gambino are in luck. According to the multifaceted entertainer, he still has two more project in him, the first of which, Atavista, is set to hit streaming platforms soon.

According to NFR Podcast, the forthcoming project is set to be released on tomorrow (May 13) and contains a total of ten songs. The platform revealed that Atavista currently features one credited guest appearance by Young Nudy. Continue below to view the full speculative tracklist and artwork.

If the titles seems familiar to you, that’s because they are.

Back in March 2020, the songs were initially shared on Gambino’s website as part of the album, 3.15.20. However, the body of work, which featured Ariana Grande, Kadhja Bonet, 21 Savage and Ink, has apparently since been scrubbed from the site. But based on rumors, the songs have undergoing creative updates.


1. “Atavista”
2. “Algorhythm”
3. “Time”
4. “Psilocybae (Millennial Love)”
5. “To Be Hunted”
6. “Sweet Thang”
7. “Little Foot Big Foot” Feat. Young Nudy
8. Why Go To The Party
9. Human Sacrifice
10. “Violence”
11. “Final Church”