Fans React To Quavo’s “Rocket Power”: The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful

Quavo’s Rocket Power is finally out, and fans have wasted no time discussing it in social media circles. Given that it’s a tribute album to his late rap partner Takeoff, there’s a lot to digest here and it’s not the easiest listen. Still, it seems like people have an array of opinions on it online, most of them being positive celebrations of not just the late Migo, but of Quavo’s own growth and talent as an artist. Fans already have some of their favorite tracks set, and the reception indicates that it’s quite a balanced and engaging listen regardless of which angle you see it through. With features from the likes of Young Thug, Future, and Takeoff himself, there’s a lot of star power and bangers to be found here, as well as more emotive cuts.

“My favorite tracks: ‘patty cake’, ‘hold me’, ‘Fueled up’,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “You really feel the emotion in these tracks, and it’s good to get more songs featured with takeoff in it. Beautiful tribute to takeoff.” Another added “Easily one of my favorite albums this year. Quavo really did his thing and made a beautiful album.”

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Quavo’s New Album Gets Praised

“Easily the best album dropped this year in the rap space,” an impassioned fan wrote of Quavo’s latest. “I love migos have for a while so I’m trying to not sound bias but this genuinely is one of the best productions any of them have had as a group or solo artist. You can tell he took his time and spoke his mind. Emotional.” However, someone responded with some pushback. “Quavo is not versatile enough for this album to be better than Utopia but its overall a solid album with some bangers, just kind of get artist fatigue from the lack of vocal differences by the end of the track list.” Check out more reactions below.

More Rocket Power Takes

Meanwhile, the Georgia trap pioneer continually finds ways to honor Takeoff amid this album’s hype and great reception. For example, he recently celebrated their collab album, Only Built For Infinity Links, reaching gold certification by the RIAA. Let us know what you think of Rocket Power in the comments down below. Also, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Quavo.

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