Fans TRASH Charlemagne and DJ Envy for Disrespecting 'LHHM' Star During Interview

Amara La Negra has been incredibly vocal about the ways that colorism and negative attitudes toward African features and hairstyles can affect people trying to make it in the music industry. She brought her beliefs to perhaps the biggest audience yet when she stopped by The Breakfast Club.

However, Charlamagne The God and DJ Envy refused to meet Amara where she lives. They denied that theres any colorism in the entertainment industry which angered Amaras fans and other listeners.

First, lets hear Amaras story.

If youre Latina, you have to look like J.Lo, Sia Vergara, Shakira, etc., but when you look like me its, You dont look Latina enough,’ she told the hosts. Why arent we on magazines? Why arent we on movies? It bothers me. I dont think you should change the way you look to succeed. Its my place to let people know, Hey, you are beautiful.’