Fat Joe Supports Remy Ma, Says Of Her Accuser Brittney Taylor: "B*tch Was Lyin’"

He said being in the courtroom made him want to “vomit.”

Two besties in the hip hop game that always have each other’s backs are and . The longtime friends and collaborators have made hits together and, when push comes to shove, they’re one another’s biggest supporters. Following the news thathad been dismissed, Joe on his forthcoming release Family Ties that is set to drop this Friday.

Fat Joe Supports Remy Ma, Says Of Her Accuser Brittney Taylor: "B*tch Was Lyin'"
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

As the sun rose on Tuesday morning, Joe hopped on Instagram Live to declare that Family Ties is a beast record while also showing love to Remy. “Shout out my sister Remy, she beat the case,” Joe said. “She always was innocent. I told y’all. I never seen nothin’ like it in my life. I went to the courtroom…[Remy’s] an innocent woman who’s transformed her whole entire life into positivity. Workin’ hard… I wanted to vomit in the courtroom.” Then he switched gears. “Breaking news, just added, Remy Ma! Family Ties!”

He then went on to hype up his record just a bit more. “See if I’m playin’. When you put this sh*t on you’ll be like, ‘This fat n*gga talk sh*t. He talk a lotta sh*t,” Joe added. “Just know where you boys got your swag from, your wave from. We gon’ show you.” Are you excited about Fat Joe’s Family Ties?

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