Favorite Randy Rainbow Parody Song of 2020 Poll: Vote!

Parody singer Randy Rainbow has been bringing comedic relief to fans witnessing American politics’ most dire situations, but which rhythmical roast of 2020 tops the rest so far?

To kick off the new year, Rainbow bust out his best impression of Gaston’s pipes from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to turn the character’s titular track into “That Don!,” which recapped President Trump’s recent scandals highlighted in his impeachment inquiry-turned-trial.

He later remixed Dua Lipa’s top 10 Hot 100 hit “No Rules” for “No Rules for Donald” for his spoof one-on-one interview with Attorney General William Barr. While hitting the high notes, the 38-year-old comedian outlined, “One: Ignore the law, pretend the constitution isn’t there anymore. Two: Stick up for thugs, no matter what they’re guilty of. Three: Pick up the phone, and pressure foreign governments to win your elections.”

In time for Super Tuesday, Rainbow reassured voters “Any Dem Will Do” in his Andrew Lloyd Webber-inspired jingle that satirizes “Any Dream Will Do” and “Joseph’s Coat” from Webber’s 1982 Broadway musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

And his springtime spoof criticized Trump’s response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in “The Coronavirus Lament,” a somber-yet-melodramatic ballad playing off of “Adelaide’s Lament” from the 1950 musical Guys and Dolls. Rainbow intensified the original subject’s worry about developing common cold symptoms due to a stressful relationship by targeting Trump’s classification of COVID-19 as a hoax and listing the physical and psychological symptoms of the deadly disease. “From a lack of intelligent leadership/ To a headline that’s getting real old/ A person can develop a bad, bad cold,” he belted the final lyric before sneezing.

But on Sunday (June 7), Rainbow reemerged online to tease Trump for hiding in his underground White House bunker while protests ensued throughout Washington, D.C. following George Floyd’s unlawful murder. To the tune of “The Jitterbug” from the 1939 classic film The Wizard of Oz, the parody artists sings and searches high and low for the Commander-in-Chief on “The Bunker Boy.” “Guess who’s hiding in the basement? It’s that coward, the Bunker Boy,” Rainbow announces from the podium of the White House’s press briefing room. “A commander in chief might address all the grief, and what’s happening out in the streets, but he’s only a clown so he hides underground, and he sits on the toilet and tweets.”

So which of his 2020 parody songs (so far) can’t you get enough of? Vote below!

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