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Fetty Wap Becomes Father For 7th Time

Just two months after Fetty Wap’s ex Alexis Skyy gave birth to his daughter Alaiya, the “Trap Queen” rapper has welcomed a baby boy into the world. It’s not clear when Fetty’s seventh child was born, but the mother, Lezhae Zeona, posted a video in her Instagram story holding the newborn on Sunday (March 18).

Fetty has yet to publicly acknowledge the child, and his relationship status with Zeona is unknown. The two share a daughter, 2-year-old Zaviera Maxwell, and Zeona has been vocal about the lack effort on his part to be in her life.

“I’m putting in overtime to make sure she doesn’t ever meet a nigga like her father,” Zeona wrote on Twitterin 2016. “Let’s be real, I raise Za ALONE you’re never here you come see her for 20 mins-2 hrs max a few times a month.”

Fetty now has seven children in total. His daughter Alaiya, who was born in January, arrived three months premature and currently remains hospitalized.