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Fetty Wap’s Possible New Bae Is Tatted Up: Check Her Out

Fetty Wap may be spending time with a new woman.

. . After suffering contract difficulties,  but it looks like Fetty is coming back in full force. He’s even got a new girl on his arm.

Masika Kalysha, who is the rapper’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child, went on the record last night when she told all of her female followers to take the baton from and , urging them to exit their “toxic” relationships. After was seen cozying up to a new lady at the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday, many are assuming that Masika was triggered by the photo of her ex and the new girl. According to her, the tweet angered a lot of people who went off in her replies but she has not confirmed whether or not she was subliminally referencing her relationship with Fetty Wap in it. 

Photos of Fetty and his potential new girlfriend have started to surface online, including on notorious gossip blog The Shade Room, where fans have started to comment on her appearance. The woman has her upper arm heavily tattooed and in the image, she smiles from ear to ear with the singer. Do you think they make a good couple (if they are indeed an item)?

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