Finally! LHHATL's Karlie Redd Reveals Photos of Her Daughter

Karlie Redd has largely kept her daughter away from the limelight, and it seems that she likes it that way. But the reality TV star just couldn’t help herself when she took a photo herself and her daughter together that she particularly liked, pulling the veil away in a mischievous post.

“Like Mommy Like Daughter ?” she wrote in the caption. “She’s gonna k*ll] me for this so it will only be up for a few minutes ? Or Until She Catches it! Gotcha Princess ?”

Karlie’s daughter Jasmine looks just like her, so it’s only a small wonder they never put her on — wouldn’t want viewers to get confused. While the cute post might give you the idea that everything is Gucci around Karlie, you know that’s not the case.

They don’t put people on reality shows who don’t have beaucoup problems. And Karlie’s definitely got her own. First, there’s her long-standing feud with co-star Tommie. The beef wasn’t helped when Tommie began hooking up with Ceaser, the one-time paramour Karlie.