Finesse2tymes & FNG Shugga’s Gender Reveal Video Is Chaotic AF

Finesse2tymes has had an impressive comeback since returning home from his prison stint, but that doesn’t mean everyone approves of his antics. The Southern star’s music releases have been trending on social media and growing his fanbase, however, his choices outside of the studio have turned some off of keeping up with his work. Finesse was in a polyamorous relationship with three other women for most of 2023 – two of whom became pregnant. When FNG Shugga confirmed that she’s expecting a child, it wasn’t long before one of the girls moved out of their family home, and a few months after that, the 90 Days artist publicly declared that he’s now a one-woman man.

Nia Love welcomed her and Finesse’s baby girl last month, though they’re no longer together romantically. Instead, the 31-year-old is awaiting the birth of his little one with Shugga, who they hosted a gender reveal for on Friday (December 8). It’s no secret that the Memphis-born rapper isn’t one to do things the conventional way, and this party was no exception, as shown in the video below.

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Finesse2tymes’ Family is Expanding Rapidly

While standing on a platform with his family members, Finesse excitedly waited for fireworks to go off behind him. Pink smoke filled the air, confirming that he’ll be having another little girl in the near future. While the moment was cute, it didn’t last long as Shugga threw the rapper’s son, who was standing with them, into a pool of water. The young boy was clearly upset by the moment. The camera followed him storming off after picking himself up out of the pool as everyone else was celebrating.

Elsewhere on our site this weekend, Finesse2tymes is making headlines for a feud with his brother, who claims the embattled rapper had him jumped recently. Read what he had to say at the link below, and leave your baby name suggestions for FNG Shugga and her man in the comments.

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