Finn Foxell – Make It Count [Video]

Finn Foxell makes it count in his latest single, the second cut from his highly anticipated EP ‘Talk is Cheap’. The MC is a key component of West London’s Elevation/Meditation collective alongside Lord Apex, p-rallel, Louis Culture, Xav and Ric Reefer. Finn Foxell’s name has grown in significant stature over the past few years, with his cult following becoming a mass fandom after a spree of solid projects and collaborations such as ‘Good Tea’ and ‘Stuck in Motion’.

Leading a new generation of UK rap, Foxell’s fresh take matches baritone bars with bass-driven beats. ‘Make It Count’ exemplifies this style; a mellow, trap-tinged tune full of smoked-out poetry. It comes after the deeply personal ‘Pressure’ and sees Finn Foxell finding courage in the cash and chaos.

Also, Lauren Ralph deserves his dues for delivering such a tight production, further cementing Brum into the high ranks of musical talent hubs. Finn Foxell’s upcoming eight-track EP will be the rapper’s longest release to date and we couldn’t be more hyped. All there is to do is count down the days and make the days count.

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