Fjordarium Explores Marine Life on Oslo’s Waterfront


Haptic Architects and Oslo Works have revealed an ambitious new project titled Fornebu Brygge which looks to transform an abandoned parking lot near central Oslo, Norway into a sustainable attraction. The development will be centered around the “Fjordarium” (fjord + aquarium) which looks to offer unprecedented views of marine life in the fjord. The entire waterside space covers 45,000 sq m (roughly 484,000 sq ft)  featuring an aquarium, marine center, water sports center, restaurants, cafes, ferry terminal, and a park.

“The Fjordarium building has been designed in close dialogue with the Norwegian Institute for Water Research to best preserve marine biodiversity, both underwater and along the shoreline,” explained Haptic Architects and Oslo Works. “The building is designed to withstand the fjord’s waves and currents and bring natural light into the spaces below water level. Enabling unique exposure to the Oslofjord, it will focus on challenges and solutions for cleaning the fjord, which has been heavily polluted as a result of agricultural waste.”

Highlights of the development include The Wharf, an innovation hub situated along the shoreline and The Urban zone featuring mid-rise workspaces and a quayside promenade.  Built to withstand the fjord’s currents, the structure is built using timber and carbon-neutral concrete. The team is also exploring the possibility of reusing steel from oil rigs, ships, and oil pipes for the structural supports and pledges to use renewable energy sources. Continuing its dedication to sustainability, Fjordarium will look to introduce innovative solutions to clean the heavily polluted Oslofjord inlet.

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