Flatbush Zombies Announce "Now More Than Ever"

Flatbush Zombies have officially surfaced to announce an upcoming release titled “Now More Than Ever.”

The last time we heard a full-fledged project from the , it was 2018’s Vacation In Hell, an album that many fans thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. And while we haven’t seen much from Meechy Darko, Erick Arc Elliot, and Zombie Juice in the interim, we did see them hold it down on Beast Coast’s collaborative release Escape From New York. Now, it would appear the trifecta have once again branched out to deliver another new project, taking to Instagram to unveil the mysterious Now More Than Ever.

Flatbush Zombies Announce "Now More Than Ever"

Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Giving us little other than some eerie artwork and a release date of June 5th, it’s truthfully unclear as to what Now More Than Ever actually is. To be fair, the title does sound rather appropriate for an album, and given how long it’s been since the team dropped one off, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them stage a comeback in a few weeks’ time. 

As this was only just announced today, expect further clarification to follow. Not to mention a new single — look for that to surface shortly, perhaps even as soon as tomorrow. While purely speculative, it wouldn’t be surprising to see all three of the Zombies ramp up their social media presence ahead of Now More Than Ever. Whatever it winds up being, we’re happy to see the Zombies back in the mix. Sound off if you share that enthusiasm. 

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