Flavor Flav Floored by Sucker-Punch to the Face in Vegas

Flavor Flav is well-known for wearing a giant clock. So it was a question when someone was going to ask him for the time Martin Lawrence-style, not a question if they would. It finally happened in Las Vegas when a man ran up on Flavor Flav and started swinging, seemingly without explanation.

According to TMZ, Flav was at the South Point Casino when a man named Ugandi Howard approached him. Howard quickly accused Flav disrespecting his mother and started throwing punches.

Flav was hit in the face and fell to the ground where Howard kicked him. Flav says he went down because he has a pulled groin muscle. According to authorities who spoke to the gossip website, Howard was snatched up by casino security and then handed over to police.

Surveillance footage backed up Flav’s story that Howard swung first and seemed entirely unprovoked. Howard was cited for battery and then released by police. Flav reportedly suffered only minor injuries in the dust-up.