Flo Rida Allegedly Dodging Expenses Of Sick Son’s Medical Care

Flo Rida has failed to cover the costs of his ill son Zohar’s medical care for months, according to the toddler’s mother, Alexis Adams.

has not come through with the cheque to cover the medical expenses for his sick toddler, Zohar, for months now, says Zohar’s mother, Alexis Adams. According to Flo Rida’s custody and child support agreement, the rapper must reimburse the unpaid medical costs for 3-year-old Zohar’s treatment. However, Alexis claims that Flo, who has a net worth of $38 million, has been violating the terms of their legally binding agreement and has been ignoring the court’s order to pay up. As a result, Zohar’s medical insurance briefly lapsed due to non-payment, leading Alexis to pay thousands of dollars in the interim in order to regain coverage. Zohar, who was  last year, has been battling health issues for most of his life, and requires continuous medical treatment and therapy. Last summer,  after a nasty court battle with Alexis, who fought for sole custody but  to ensure that the child’s medical bills were covered.

Flo Rida Allegedly Dodging Expenses Of Sick Son's Medical CareAmy Sussman/Getty Images

After being forced to cover the costs entirely on her own in recent months, Alexis has tried to schedule a hearing with a judge to inform them of the circumstances, but the courts have all been closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. She’s been mailing the medical bills directly to Flo Rida’s lawyers, but has yet to receive any kind of response.

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