Florentijn Hofman’s Giant Rubber Ducks Return to Hong Kong


10 years following its first appearance in the city, Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman‘s giant Rubber Duck series is now back in Hong Kong. This time around, the city is graced with not one, but “DOUBLE DUCKS”, for double luck and happiness.

“In Chinese saying, good things come in pairs,” writes the organizers. “This grand return as ‘DOUBLE DUCKS’ is inspired by symmetrical characters ‘囍’(happiness) and ‘朋’ (friends), symbolizing a symbiotic prosperity in partnership, friendship, and doubling the happiness of coming together as one. In the imminent transformation of Victoria Harbour into a colossal bathtub, the “DOUBLE DUCKS” will be juxtaposed amusingly with the vibrant skyline of the harbor, constructing a fascinating panorama.”

Hofman’s Rubber Duck began touring the world in 2007, sailing to locations such as São Paulo, Osaka, Toronto, Los Angeles, Seoul, and many more. Coordinating the Ducks’ 10th-anniversary visit is the creative brand, AllRightsReserved, with support from the Hong Kong Tourism Board. The 18m-tall ducks will be stationed near Tamar Park, Central and Western Promenade during their time in the city.

The exhibition itself will be held at Victoria Harbour beginning on June 10, where citizens can view the “DOUBLE DUCKS” along the harbor. A limited-edition merch collection will also be available beginning on June 5. More details can be found here.

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