Floyd Mayweather Delays Two Fights As He Mourns Recent Tragic Losses

Floyd Mayweather lost the mother of his kids, his uncle, and his basketball icon friend within a matter of months.

It’s been an emotionally taxing season for . Not only was  in Santa Clarita, California last week, days later The champion boxer is grieving the loss of two close loved ones during this time when people are told to stay indoors and remain isolated due to a worldwide pandemic.

According to TMZ, Floyd Mayweather had big plans for 2020. The coronavirus quarantine has caused the world to pause as the World Health Organization comes up with the best way to handle this unprecedented situation, but even if coronavirus hadn’t caused the cancelation of sports events, Mayweather reportedly would have called them off, anyway.

It’s reported that Mayweather had two fights lined up this year: ” and another fight against an established, respected boxer.” These rapid sudden losses, including that of Floyd Mayweather’s good friend Kobe Bryant, have reportedly put boxing on the backburner. TMZ adds that these postponements will be temporary and fans will just have to see how Floyd fares in the months to come. Additionally, we’re all awaiting the outcome of this COVID-19 clampdown as

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