Floyd Mayweather Receives “Champion Of Israel” Award

Floyd Mayweather has received the “Champion of Israel” Award for his contribution to Israeli relief efforts following an incursion into southern Israel by Hamas on October 7. The award, presented to Mayweather at a ceremony in Miami, was backed by Magen David Adom, Israel’s national emergency service. The ceremony also served as a fundraising, with over $4 million reportedly raised to further Israeli relief efforts. Mayweather received the award from two close friends who have worked with him on his efforts to help Israel.

Mayweather’s primary contribution to the state of Israel was a supply drop made by his private jet. In mid-October, Mayweather’s jet brought 5000 lbs of supplies to Israel, carrying everything from food to flak jackets. Furthermore, Mayweather has been vocally supportive of Israel on social media and participated in several pro-Israel marches in the United States.

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Israel-Palestine Conflict: Latest Updates

Israel has continued a ground offensive in southern Gaza despite increasing international pressure for a ceasefire. On Tuesday, 153 nations of the United Nations voted in favor of demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. 10 nations, including the US and UK, opposed the resolution while a further 23 abstained. While the US continued to back Israel on the chamber floor, President Biden has warned the nation that their “indiscriminate bombing” of Gaza is rapidly causing Israel to lose much of their international support. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a blanket rejection of the ceasefire resolution. Furthermore, Netanyahu said Israel would “fight until the end”.

Furthermore, over 17,000 Palestinians have died since fighting broke out on October 7, according to Gaza’s health ministry. Meanwhile, nine Israeli Army soldiers are reported to have been killed this week in what the Israeli military has called an “ambush” in Gaza City. Elsewhere, a different war is raging across campuses in the United States as Zionist groups claim that Jewish students and faculty are facing open calls of genocide from pro-Palestinian activists. Two Massachusetts schools, MIT and Harvard, have become focal points of this outrage.

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