Floyd Mayweather Slammed By Scottsdale Mayor For Partying During Pandemic

Scottsdale mayor Jim Lane has issued a response to the viral footage of a nightclub packed with partygoers, including Floyd Mayweather, during the pandemic.

After a clip of and fellow partygoers crammed together in an Arizona nightclub went viral, Scottsdale mayor, Jim Lane, has released an official statement on the importance of maintaining social distancing during the pandemic. Earlier this week, , as he and others were visibly not wearing masks and were certainly coming within 6 feet of one another. Although Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey did allow some establishments to reopen for business a few weeks ago, he established strict social distancing guidelines that are evidently not being followed by this nightclub.

After coming across the viral footage, Mayor Lane issued an official statement regarding this reckless conduct. Although he does not direct his message at Mayweather specifically, it was given to TMZ as a response for a request for comment about Mayweather.

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