Floyd Mayweather To Rematch John Gotti III After June Brawl

Floyd Mayweather is reportedly finalizing a rematch with John Gotti III. The pair are reportedly fighting in Vegas during the same weekend at the Super Bowl next February. If you had forgotten, the first fight between the pair occurred back in June. However, the fight ended in a massive brawl after Gotti III was disqualified. The former MMA fighter and grandson of infamous mobster John Gotti was disqualified after refusing to break a clinch. While the two fighters briefly parted, Gotti III dodged past referee Kenny Bayless to try and lay some hurt on Mayweather. He failed and the ring was quickly filled with people from both camps. A full-on brawl ensued and was not contained for several minutes. Once some semblance of order was restored, the fight was abandoned and Gotti III was officially disqualified.

As a result, Gotti III declared Mayweather his “enemy for life” and his relatives were also seen making threatening statements on social media. Meanwhile, fresh off knocking out an NBA mascot, Conor McGregor joined the fray. McGregor, who lost to Mayweather in 2017, eagerly accepted Gotti III’s call to arms. “I back the Gotti’s. The war is on.” the MMA veteran tweeted. However, McGregor’s comment has since been deleted.

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Mayweather Flexes Iced-Out Chains

Floyd Mayweather recently took to social media to flex some of his new drip. The piece in question appeared to be a collection of iced-out chains that culminated in a small cross pendant. It’s unclear how much the piece cost but it was likely just a drop in the ocean for the Money Man himself.

However, it’s just the most recent jewelry flex for the legendary boxer. Last month, Mayweather surprised his go-to jeweler with a watch worth $250,000. “The Money Man is back. I’m right here with my main man, Shuki. We in L.A., ballin’ out. This watch right here is going to Shuki. One of my custom pieces. Money Man, y’all know the rest,” Mayweather said in a video shared on social media. Furthermore, the watch was a white diamond and gold piece straight out of Mayweather’s personal collection.

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