Floyd Mayweather’s Team Member Hits Fan Who Asked For Photo: Report

Mall cameras captured the incident.

Boxing champion ‘s name is mixed up in an assault allegation after a man claims he was attacked by a member of Floyd’s crew. The alleged victim is a Floyd fan by the name of Juan Calderon who shared his side of the story with TMZ. According to the outlet, Juan was working at a kiosk inside of a mall in L. One of Juan’s co-workers really wanted a picture of Floyd but they were too shy to approach the champ. Instead, Juan claims he took it upon himself to get the photo for his co-worker.

Floyd Mayweather's Team Member Hits Fan Who Asked For Photo: Report
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Unfortunately, Floyd wasn’t in the mood for pictures and rejected Juan’s request, a let down that Juan says was made rudely. Juan could have just walked away, albeit peeved, but he decided to let Floyd and Friends know that he thought they were “acting like d*cks.” That’s when things took a turn and one guy on Floyd’s team let Juan know that he was being disrespectful. Juan said he tried to calm the situation by shaking the unidentified man’s hand, but that didn’t work.  Juan as well before a physical altercation occurred.

Juan told TMZ that he was beaten and later visited a hospital to treat his injuries. He also underwent a CT scan and it came back all clear. The alleged victim has filed a police report, but TMZ reports that Floyd’s team says Juan was the aggressor who seemed as if he wanted a confrontation to possibly file a future lawsuit. Surveillance cameras captured the incident, so watch it down below.

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