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Forest Whitaker Reveals What Drew Him To Roxanne Shant Biopic

Juice Crew member and battle rap queen Roxanne Shant (The real Roxanne) will be priled in a recently announced biopic that will be released by Netflix. The film has grabbed attention due to some the big names involved. Nia Long and Mahershala Ali will star in the movie, RZA is serving as the musical director, and Pharrell Williams and Forest Whitaker are behind the picture as producers.

HipHopDX caught up with Whitaker, one the stars the $1 billion-grossing Black Panther, at the premiere his new film The Forgiven in which he plays South African human rights activist Desmond Tutu. The conversation was brief, but the venerable actor lit up a bit when we asked about why the Shant biopic was so appealing to him.

It wasnt just that era Hip Hop,” he explained. “I think Roxanne Shant … that was a very interesting story]. I mean shes a battle rapper who was really the queen what was going on through that time.

Whitaker also noted the film was not just about the woman who could spit fire but will also dig into the person behind the rhymes.

The movie itself is very human because it goes into the challenges that she had, the struggles that she was having and the things she had to overcome during this time,” he said. “The top the rap game at] the height the battle. The top the hill.”

Check out the trailer for Roxanne Roxanne directed by Michael Larnell below.