Former 'Black Ink Crew' Star Says She Wanted to Kill Herself

Sister Circle Live

The dark times that Dutchess went through stemmed from a dramatic deterioration of her relationship with Black Ink co-star Ceaser Emmanuel. Their relationship started all the way back at the beginning of the series, when Dutchess left her stomping grounds in North Carolina to work at Black Ink up in New York.

After working alongside each other for a period of time, Ceaser and Dutchess eventually became close to each other and started dating. Dutchess’ presence in the tattoo shop became a source of conflict when it seemed as though she was using her influence in her relationship with Ceaser to run the business the way she saw fit. For example, when Ceaser started restricting the partying in the shop that they were usually known for, crew members placed blame on Dutchess.


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