Former 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Couple Welcome Baby After Big Cheating Scandal

Close on the heels of Ray J and Princess Love’s newborn comes another Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood baby. Former stars of the show, Day 26’s Willie Taylor and his wife Shanda, welcomed a baby boy May 21.

Marriage Woes

Former 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Couple Welcome Baby After Big Cheating Scandal

Source: Instagram @imshandadenyce

Back in 2015, Willie and Shanda weathered financial issues, as the singer struggled to make enough money to keep their luxurious Los Angeles lifestyle going. Things worsened after Shanda attempted to pitch in with the bills by returning to stripping, a move Willie did not support at all.

By the next year though (mid 2016), the couple — who had been together for 13 years at that point — put on a convincing united front for the LHHH cameras. At the time, the two seemed to be in a perfect place as they started off the premiere.

However… everything wasn’t what it seemed. Fans and viewers of the series quickly learned that Willie had been stepping out on his wife for years.

During an episode of LHHH, a new woman, Kyesha, met Shanda during her studio session. Kyesha showed Shanda all the receipts she had of Willie cheating on her over the years.

& Side Chicks

Former 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Couple Welcome Baby After Big Cheating Scandal

Source: Instagram @ imshandadenyce

Afterwards, Shanda, Willie, and Kyesha met on three different occasions. For a minute, it looked like Shanda and Willie would end for good, leaving their children in the balance. The then-mom-of-two constantly considered her kids during the turmoil.

“Have we went to counseling? We went to a session, it didn’t go well, but I feel like the love I have for my children kind of keeps me wanting to make it work, but we did kind of like separate,” Shanda said at the time. “And I feel like, look if you want this s**t, fight for it.”

In the end, though, the couple opted to work things out. They also chose to cut ties with the show.

Switching It Up

The decision to leave LHHH behind most likely stemmed from Shanda’s experience dealing with her husband’s infidelity in front of the world. At the time, she acknowledged that while Willie’s cheating was bad, it was worsened by the fact that she was constantly “forced” to talked about it.

“Before, I talked about it at my own pace, in the privacy of my own home. But the fact that I had to be forced, in a sense, to talk… that’s the difference,” she said. “I don’t want to continue to talk about this every time I step foot to film.”

“And I would have never set down at a table with no b***h,” she added.

Fast forward to now, The Taylor family is welcoming a new edition into their lives. Both parents posted sweet social media messages to each other and to their newest little one.


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