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Former ‘The Voice’ Contestant Whitney Fenimore Debuts Hopeful ‘Find Your Love’ Exclusive

Whitney Fenimore released the song "Find Your Love" on her 2018 EP Battle Within. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter, a Season 13 semi-finalist on The Voice, hopes the new video for the track, premiering exclusively below on Billboard today (Aug. 29), will give the song new life and help an audience find some love for it.

"That song means a lot to me, so it's important for me that it has resurgence," Fenimore tells Billboard. "I think there's such a strong message in the song. If it only reaches a couple people and they get it, that's cool, but I really do want as many people as possible to hear it."

Fenimore says that "Find Your Love" started out being about a relationship she was pursuing at the time, but it soon took on deeper and more far-reaching meanings.

"The more I wrote, the more it became a song about the journey to really find self-love," Fenimore says. "I had to go through the past few years figuring out what did I really believe. I grew up super religious and then I was grappling with my sexuality and getting comfortable with that. That's what this whole song encompasses for me — finding love through, basically, all the shit."

"Find Your Love" will also be part of a new four-song EP called Highs + Lows, which comes out this fall, date TBA, and also features the single "Feel It Too." The project, Fenimore says, reflects both a "super shitty" breakup as well as the beginning of another relationship. She acknowledges a number of new contemporary rock and pop influences on "Find Your Love" in particular, including the War on Drugs after seeing the group perform at Coachella.

"They took me for some sort of musical journey, and I loved it and I wanted that same kind of feel," says Fenimore, who recorded the track in Hollywood with producer John Coggins and drummer Aaron Sterling, who's now touring with John Mayer. "We cranked it out, literally. The song had a lot of risks that came with it, not just in the lyric but who I was able to get to play with me. It's an important song to me."

Fenimore promises there's more new music coming after Highs + Lows. "I didn't even know we were going to do this EP, but I'm glad I pushed myself to do it because it's some of the most personal songs I've ever released and they mean a lot to me," she says. "It feels like there's a lot going on in my life, but I'm excited and it's worth it. I'm excited to get out on the road and play these songs for people, and hopefully they'll connect to them."

The video for "Find Your Love" is below.


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