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Freddie Gibbs Recorded "Bandana" In The Same Studio Nipsey Made "Victory Lap"

Freddie Gibbs recalls working on “Bandana” in the same studio complex as Nipsey Hussle who was making “Victory Lap” at the time.

is fresh off of the release of his second studio album with Madlib. The project arrived in late June after years of anticipation. On the day of its arrival, Freddie’s manager, Lambo, shared a post on Instagram revealing that Gibbs worked on a large part of Bandana in the summer of 2017 while recorded Victory Lap downstairs.

“We recorded a large chunk of the album during the summer of 2017 at Paramount Recording. Everyday we were there doing Bandana, Nipsey was downstairs working on Victory Lap,” Lambo wrote. “Two legends in their own zones doing the best work of their respective careers within feet of each other, only separated by walls. A lot of magic in the air.”

In a recent interview with  he revealed that the two of them would often run into each other in the kitchen, bringing in different chefs to feed the crew. Although they didn’t end up working on any songs together, Gibbs did recall a time during that summer where they both copped new whips but ended up laughing over Nipsey’s Maybach getting keyed. 

“I remember we had both just got a Benz. I just got an S-Class and Nip had the Maybach and I was like ‘Damn, yo shit longer than mine.’ He’d park his shit in front of the studio every day and I’d park mine in the gate. I’d say “Why you not parking in the gate? You crazy as fuck.” He was like “Nah, it’s all good.” Then somebody walked past and scratched his Maybach up and we were laughing about that. I got a lot of respect for Nip and the things he was doing in the community. Musically, he was coming into his own. He was Grammy-nominated and was about to take off. Rest in peace.”

Freddie Gibbs Recorded "Bandana" In The Same Studio Nipsey Made "Victory Lap"

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