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#FreeMeekMill Campaign Gets Support From Winter Olympics Athlete

Pyeongchang, South Korea – Meek Mill has continued to receive a steady stream support ever since a judgegave him a much-criticized two-to-four-year prison sentence for repeated parole violations in November.

James Harden, Colin Kaepernick, Reverend Al Sharpton and a string Hip Hop artists, including Drake, Rick Ross and JAY-Z, have all called for Meeks freedom. Now, the #FreeMeekMill campaign has popped up at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Tit Stante, a 19-year-old Slovenian snowboarder, fered his show support to Meek during the mens halfpipe qualifiers. While waiting for his score at the bottom the hill,Stante showed f his board with #FreeMeekMill written on it.

The campaign for Meek Mills freedom alsopopped up during the biggest football game the year. At Super Bowl LII earlier this month, the Philadelphia Eagles entered the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis to Meek’s Dreams and Nightmares.” Crowds in Philly, perhaps unsurprisingly, were chanting Free Meek Mill after the game.